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“MOlecular Signaling in Health and Disease - Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence”

H2020 WIDESPREAD-03-2017: ERA Chairs - 810425


Project title: “MOlecular Signaling in Health and Disease - Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence”
Project acronym: MOSaIC
Project implementation period: 1 November 2018 - 31 October 2023
Granted amount: 2 498 887,50 €
Referenced call: H2020 WIDESPREAD-03-2017
Project coordinator: Prof. Jacek Kuźnicki

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Creation of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence in Molecular Signaling in Health and Disease (MOSaIC)
The ERA Chairs scheme gives us a unique opportunity to improve our performance by attracting an outstanding principal investigator in molecular signaling. This investigator will complement and strengthen the current research lines at IIMCB and will influence structural changes for responsible research and effective science management.
The MOSaIC has 5 objectives. The first is recruitment of an ERA Chair holder and affiliates in an open process that involves a set of incentives for the successful candidate to establish an excellent research group. The second is to augment scientific research and innovation in IIMCB and surrounding region through the work of the ERA Chair holder in molecular signaling, a field with great promise for medical advancement. The third and fourth involve structural improvements in science management and consolidated HR activities to develop a research environment that meets the highest international standards, including those set in the EU Charter and Code. Dissemination and communication activities will enable us to achieve the fifth objective: widespread recognition of the MOSaIC and IIMCB among national and European stakeholders.
Thanks to the MOSaIC, IIMCB scientists will lead innovative and internationally competitive research in an environment of excellent organizational standards and support. They will engage in European partnerships, and their projects will lead to practical inventions.


Project coordinator: Jacek Kuźnicki, IIMCB Director

WP 1. Recruitment of the ERA Chair holder and new group members
Leader: Marcin Nowotny, Head of Laboratory of Protein Structure

We will recruit an outstanding mid-career scientist with proven leadership experience for a Senior Group Leader position. The ERA Chair holder will be provided with the best conditions for research, including optimal laboratory and office space, free access to equipment, and additional benefits. Once recruited, the new Group Leader will autonomously build his or her own research group. The above activities will be coordinated by Marcin Nowotny, Head of the Laboratory of Protein Structure. The recruitment process of the ERA Chair holder will involve active participation of IIMCB International Advisory Board and the Head of HR Unit. The latter will also thoroughly support the ERA Chair holder in the recruitment of new laboratory members.

WP 2. Strengthening scientific and innovation potential of IIMCB and the surrounding region
Leader: ERA Chair holder

To boost IIMCB research and innovation, increase its competitiveness, and stay connected with partners across Europe, the ERA Chair holder and their group will generate excellent results of their own research in the field of molecular signalling in health and disease and to contribute to the overall position of IIMCB in the scientific, local, regional, and European landscape. For the scientific functioning of the new group (especially in the initial phase), the ERA Chair Holder will be mentored by Dr. Nowotny. All formal, administrative, and financial arrangements will be assisted by the corresponding administrative units: the Grants Office, Scientific Coordination, Accounting, HR, public relations, and IT.

WP 3. Structural changes for effective science management at IIMCB
Leader: Urszula Bialek-Wyrzykowska, Deputy Director for Development

To support research and innovation at IIMCB, we will improve specific internal policies by expanding and/or adopting them to national and European recommendations, including ERA priorities. The proposed structural changes cover 3 distinct areas in good scientific practices (OA, ODM, ethics) and IPR management at the Institute. They fall under responsibility of the Deputy Director for Development, Urszula Bialek-Wyrzykowska, who will be the WP3 Leader. She will be assisted by dedicated personnel from the Scientific Coordination Unit and the Institute’s IPR manager. A key element will be conceptual input and advice on the implementation of WP3 tasks from the ERA Chair holder.

WP4. Structural changes for more effective implementation of C&C principles
Leader: Katarzyna Fiedorowicz, Head of Human Resources Unit

To implement the EU Charter & Code principles in a comprehensive way and to respond to our scientists’ needs, we will enhance the functioning of the HR Unit to give a professional rank to EU C&C-related activities and to develop them systematically. These include elaboration of the HR Strategy for IIMCB, assisting scientists in recruitment processes, organization of 5 career development training sessions for IIMCB employee groups, support to foreign employees during their stay in Poland, efficient conflict solving and coordination of gender issues. For effective implementation of these ambitious assignments, before the start date of MOSaIC, we recruited an experienced, full-time Head of HR Unit, Ms. Katarzyna Fiedorowicz, who assumes the role of WP4 Leader. Ms. Fiedorowicz will be engaged in recruitment of the ERA Chair holder and group members.

WP5. Strengthening MOSaIC’s recognition among national and European stakeholders.
Leader: Daria Gos, PR Manager

Dissemination, application, and communication activities are indispensable elements that maximize the impact of MOSaIC’s achievements. Along with RRI principles, we will explore various means of dissemination and communication and will target numerous communities. The tasks assigned to WP5 will be overseen by experienced PR Manager, Daria Gos. WP5 tasks include Dissemination of MOSaIC results by the ERA Chair holder and group members to scientists and potential business partners, dissemination of results of structural improvements, communicating MOSaIC and its results to different stakeholders and elaboration of promotional tools and materials.

WP6. Management
Leader: Dorota Libiszowska, Head of Grants Office

The work involves high-level coordination and management of the project, including monitoring of work progress and assessment of the implementation of distinct WPs. Project monitoring will be done by the Project Committee that consists of the Project Coordinator and WP Leaders. Project Committee will meet annually to monitor work progress, discuss strategic steps, and respond to unexpected situations. These meetings will involve members of the International Advisory Board who will assess how the project helps achieve the strategic goals set up for IIMCB and will formulate recommendations for further development. IAB will play a crucial role in the selection process of the ERA Chair holder, it will assess the scientific achievements and progress of the new group.

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